This website contains the HMDA 2020 Data and lists the top orignating lenders and top correspondent investors. It also allows you to query any lender or investor and see who they sell loans to or who they purchase loans from. Loan volumes and market share are the key metrics displayed.

A unique way to gauge realtor performance in the marketplace. View meaningful performance metrics on Real Estate professionals to help you choose or assess the right one.

This tool allows individual investors to see alternatives to stocks that they may be holding at an unrealized loss and suggests other stocks that are highly correlated to them. This enables the investor to sell and realize a loss while trading it for a similar but not identical asset so a tax loss may be realized.

Find and map surrounding elevations from any input point on the Earth. Displays max and min elevations in close proximity. Useful for drone flights.

Schedule hotel staff easily and simply. Enter employees and their available hours and even vacation time. Enter occupancy expectations and this application produces a weekly schedule to optimize time and costs.