Tax Loss Harvesting

Recently, many personal finance and investment websites have made the general public aware of a concept known as "tax-loss harvesting". Typically, this involves selling assets that are in a portfolio that are currently worth less than you paid for them. Once that is done, a taxable event has occured and these recognized "losses" can be used to offset gains or reduce your tax liability. It also frees up funds to buy other assets. Much research has been done on this topic and available to read in the links below. Up until now, this approach was only available to large institutional investors and high net worth individuals. The tool to the right allows individual investors to see alternatives to stocks that they may be holding at an unrealized loss and suggests other stocks that are highly correlated to them. This enables the investor to sell and realize a loss while trading it for a similar but not identical asset so a tax loss may be realized. As with any financial transaction, you should consult a tax advisor or financial expert. This tool is provided for educational purposes only.

TLH Finder

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